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At our Saint John dental clinic, we offer full, partial, and implant-supported dentures to replace missing teeth, as well as the surrounding gum and jaw tissue.

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Dentures, Saint John Dentist

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial tooth replacements that allow patients who are missing teeth to preserve their facial profile, eat normally and speak fluently. Dentures can be used to replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth or all of the teeth in a jaw.

In order to avoid the deterioration of your jaw bone, it is vital to replace missing teeth. If some or all of your natural teeth are missing, dentures can be an effective and affordable option for replacing them.

With proper care, dentures can last for many years and restore your smile and your confidence.

Why Dentures May Be Used

An essential component of your long-term oral health is filling in any gaps caused by missing teeth. Fitting you for dentures allows your dentist to help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, which can cause jaw pain and difficulties in chewing or speaking.

As you lose your teeth, your facial muscles tend to sag, causing you to look older. Dentures can fill out your face and profile. They can also be designed to closely resemble your natural teeth so that very little changes in terms of the look of your smile.

Types of Dentures

If you are missing any of your natural teeth, your dentist can help guide you toward the dentures that fit your needs.

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