Oral Hygiene Services

It's not "just a cleaning"

Bacteria, in the form of plaque, lives & thrives in the mouth. Poor oral health can lead to infection, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, diabetic complications, unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy social habits, poor overall health, poor quality of life, and low self esteem.

Good oral health is an important component of overall health. Achieving good oral health is a collaborative effort. It can be achieved by consuming healthy foods & drinks, daily brushing & flossing, and visiting your dentist & hygienist regularly.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand the value of regular check-ups & oral hygiene services.

During hygiene appointments, our dentists & hygienists:

  • Consider your health history
  • Examine your head, neck & jaws
  • Assess your teeth & soft tissue (i.e. gums)
  • Screen for oral cancer
  • Educate &
  • Develop a customized treatment plan with you to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Our oral hygiene recommendations are health vs. insurance/cost based. Given that, recall schedules are based on individual needs vs. standard 6 month protocols &/or frequency schedules insurance policies may cover. As such, recall schedules range from once a year to every 3 months (the latter for those with perio (gum) disease &/or rapid tartar buildup). All of this said, we respect your right to choose a hygiene schedule you are comfortable with.